"Things to Bring" - For Every Season

The following list is not exhaustive, but meant to be a gentle reminder of typical articles used and consumed in guided fishing trips

Personal Flotation Jacket/Vest if preferred (Fitted to Individual's Size)

Valid Wisconsin Fishing License(s) for yourself and others (Available at Local Bait Shops)

Area Map, Plastic Floaty Compass and Cellular Telephone (Safety and Security)

Important Telephone Numbers to remember: Iron County Wisconsin Public Safety: 715-561-3800 (911)

Water Resistant/Proof Single Use Camera (Fujifilm Quick Snap Waterproof 27 exp. 35mm Camera 800 film ~ $9  Fun U/W use)

Sun-Screen, Sun-Glasses, Light Clothes (Clean and Cool), Lanyard for Comfort (Neoprene)

Ball Cap for Sun, Knit Cap for Cool, Finger Gloves for Cold, Insulated Boots for Ice?

Dry Shoes and Wet Shoes; Extra pair of socks in Zip-Bag, Hand & Foot Warmers 'Hot-Hands'?

Pants and/or shorts depending on season/insects/comfort, quick! change at any landing

Wind breaker & fleecey for sunny, sweat-shirts w/hood for cool, jacket w/collar for cold, parka for ice?

Adult's Safe and Effective Bug Repellent (25%+ Deet for Skin, 0.5% ~ Permethrin for Clothes)

Children's Avon Skin-so-Soft (Deet Free, Paba Free, SPF30) Gentle Breeze Scent w/Aloe & Vitamin E

Rain-Gear (Jacket w/Hood and Pants 'Stearns' - One size too Large)

Consult your Guide for the choice of Bait you should bring (Minnows, Earthworms, Leeches and/or other live bait)

Bobber Down Guide Service has Rods/Reels, Line, Lures, Jigs, Bobbers for your personal use (Bring your own if Preferred)

Beverages, Snacks, Cooler w/ice or Zip-Bags w/frozen water, tissues

Hand sanitizer if desired, alcohol w/vitamin E or aloe (not to dry skin)

Antiseptic if desired, water, peroxide, soothing lotion (not to scented)

Antibiotic Cream/Gel if desired, band-aids, pokey-puller, etc.

Put your personal possessions in Zip-Lock Bags to keep them dry and safe

Camping: Flashlight/Glow sticks, ship-to-shore whistles, space blankets/plastic tarps, knife, metal fire starter & paper
Bottled water, tin-foil, paracord rope, salt, sugar, chocolate-covered-power-snack-bars, can-o-soup, breakfast cereal

Please collect and secure all refuse for proper recycling and disposal, landings have excellent containers for environment