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August 14th, 2013 - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin 54547

posted Aug 14, 2013, 5:24 PM by Jeff Robl
The fishing continues to be unpredictable one day very good the next day slow, the last three days are a good example. Sunday fished with Tim, John and Rick flat sunny skies, fish were not in the same good mood we were. Fished a lot of different structure, the guys had a half day booked and hadn't had a fish fry on their stay" up north" yet, at the end of the allotted time the catch in the live well was still pretty meager. Sometimes it becomes a personal challenge, when the bite is on its easy to catch fish, when they're in a negative mood it can be very challenging, we'll fish until you guys have enough for a fish fry. It took a while but we wound up with a mixed bag of fish caught in mostly deeper water with wood structure.

Monday the weather changed there was a decent chop some fronts moving through a brief mid day rain delay NW wind. On the front end of the weather change even with the cooler temps and NW wind the fishing can be very good. The bite was on, Dad, John was thinking his kids would fish a few hours in the morning and him and I would fish the afternoon Conner, Jake and Brook spent 9 hours in the boat and at the end of the day weren't ready to quit. We caught and released a lot of nice smallmouths 8-11'most caught vertical jigging(a great way for kids to catch fish) with leeches and crawlers on mid lake humps with good stump coverage. Caught numbers of perch and rock bass, released many nice perch kept a few (John's call)best perch spot was 9'a tight cluster of stumps. The walleye bite was very good we caught the most on crawlers in a lot of different depths 6-12'They were pretty scattered we didn't catch too many at any one spot but we fished 12-15 spots and caught fish of some species on every spot except one.

Tuesday cold north wind, second day into another cold front, nice chop, bite or no bite? The more time I spend guiding the more I'm learning about the fish, after 3or4 spots with father Lee and sons Brian and Al I knew it was another no bite day. We spent a lot of time fishing mid lake humps of different depths a few that held bass and walleyes the day before, for all our efforts a walleye and one big perch in the hopper. We finally found some more aggressive walleyes using the electronics and scanning the edges and beds of river channels, sometimes targeting individual fish, quickly throwing out a buoy. The fish were caught in 14-22'with 1/16oz. slowfall jigs and the larger fatheads in the baitwell. With the wind blowing, the lite jigs and non aggressive walleyes they would have been very difficult to catch, the guys were good jig fisherman. I believe there were times we were bouncing jigs on their heads. I think if we get some warmer stable weather the fishing will improve. Like I've said before the fact that you can catch fish on the TFF even when "they're not bitin" tells a lot about the diverse structure and species found in the TFF. Sincere thank you to all who chose my guide service, we have fun even on the tough days.