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August 28th, 2013 - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin 54547

posted Aug 30, 2013, 2:59 PM by Jeff Robl
Fishing has picked up since my last report despite some flat water and sunny skies. Had to adapt to the conditions we didn't do a lot of slip bobbin the last few days didn't throw the anchors as often either ( easier on the arms)used the electric to hold and work small areas. The deep wood I've described in previuos posts has been consistant for walleyes and today some big smallmouths we had an 18-1/2,18,two 17's and some smaller bass 10 year old Alex had the biggest bass casting an 1/8 oz. reeves jig and a 1/2 crawler in 9' heavy timber. We have caught bass,walleyes,perch and bluegills on the deep wood and last few days on shallower structure as well.

Love to slip bob and throw cranks some time of the year but one pole casting a light jig is still my favorite, have had a lot of fun teaching that skill, with the flat water,and warmer temps the minnows and leeches have been just going for a boat ride everything is coming on the crawlers. Often the fish have been in a neutral mood, you don't feel the classic thump or heavy 'click' when they suck the jig in, instead it's a tension on the line I keep the rod low and keep the line just tight enough so the fish doesn't feel any pressure, but you can see and feel what's going on, if the line starts going side ways the fish is swimming with the bait,sharp hook set, or after 20-40 sec. still tension set the hook.

This weekend should include some good fishing ,they're not jumping in the boat like June and July but the fishing has been pretty good and consistant for walleyes, bass have been scattered in the area of the flowage we've been fishing, mostly deeper.

I have Labor day open if anyone wants to hang back and fish Monday half day full day whatever, I'm open Monday. I remember the journey well, either leave early or leave late to avoid the traffic, as you might imagine I fished and left late. Just be careful that sun and hot weather takes a toll on you drive safe.

Have a great weekend.