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July 14th, 2013 - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin 54547

posted Jul 14, 2013, 11:52 AM by Jeff Robl
Ever been out when you cast your jig out and the line hangs up in the air? Pretty spooky, that was Tuesday with John and Tim.The approaching front had a little lightning in it so we had to head to an island for a 45 min delay. The fishing had been fantastic before the front after the front passed the bite slowed down considerably. I don't usually count fish but knew the fish were going to be on that day and could tell right away I had some very experienced fisherman. We ended the day with 64 walleyes and smallmouths about 40/60 walleyes to smallmouths we released one 20" walleye and had a lot of very nice fish. I was hoping for a 100 fish day.

It was a good week of fishing even when the bite wasn't real strong we had steady action and a nice catch of fish. Our biggest walleye was a heavy 23"released, and lot of nice smallmouths.

Did the best on the edge of a few different flats in 7-9fow with good stump coverage also caught fish in 12-15fow on the edge of river channels. Caught fish on bobbers and casting. Everyone seems to have their favorite mine for casting is a 1/16oz. slowfall jig. Some days did better on crawlers other days leeches some days they have a strong preference for one over the other.

Shared the boat with a lot of nice people. Thank You.
Looking forward to a lot of good summer fishing, have availability in July and August.