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July 8th, 2013 - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin 54547

posted Jul 8, 2013, 9:25 PM by Jeff Robl
Been fishing a lot, sleeping a little, the fishing on the TFF has been as hot as the weather. We're catching fish in a lot of different depths depending on weather conditions. With a good chop sometimes as shallow as 3-1/2' been starting to fish some of the deeper summer structure down to 12-15'.Some of the deeper structure is bottom transitions from soft silt to firmer wood strewn slightly shallower rises with some stumps often adjacent to river channels.

Some days it takes awhile to find active smallmouths and walleyes other days fish are caught throughout the day, on a lot of different spots. If catching fish is a priority it is important to not spend a lot of time in areas that either have no fish or no hungry fish, sounds obvious; how long? Depends how many people in the boat and how your fishing, the way I do a lot of fishing it's about 15-20 min.

Today fished with Todd and Craig two tournament bass fisherman, , fished four 12-14' spots and had 6 walleyes in the livewell at late morning. We then put on the hunt for smallmouth we caught some fish but not numbers on our fifth stop we found the fish in 5-8'on the edge of a small 4'flat there were a lot of stumps with rock/sand bottom. At the time the water was completely flat and the sun hot not counting rock bass we caught around 40 smallmouth and walleyes in two hours for some fantastic fishing. We were hoping to catch bass on artificial(s) had some luck on senco worms but a 1/16oz. jig and leech caught the most fish. In last week have also done well in 8-10'.

Have fished with a lot of great people some very experienced some not from 6 year old Hudson to 82 year old Arlene it was a pleasure to share a day on the TFF with everyone who chose my guide service.
Thank You