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June 15th, 2013 - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin 54547

posted Jun 18, 2013, 7:00 PM by Jeff Robl
Wanted to do a separate fishing report of two days on the water with father and son, Dick and Jeff, two excellent fly fisherman. In particular they wanted to go after smallmouth with their fly rods. We targeted shallow water in the 2-5' range we found good numbers the first day with some large fish. I had not guided fly fisherman before and didn't know what to expect. It was really neat to watch them work the fly rods, Jeff was truly impressive his dad would proudly admit Jeff took what he learned and excelled to another level, his skills are highly polished. The second day the morning brought a nice chop with dark skies Dick wanted to see what the walleye fishing was like so we began the morning looking for walleyes, we found them on the third stop we put a limit in the live well. The fly rods came back out we found big smallmouths two over 19' Jeff caught pike, a 13&14" crappie and the biggest bass on a green and black popper, it was thrilling seeing the fish hit top waters. We had both numbers and big fish on the fly rods on day two. I welcome any interested fly fisherman there is going to be some fantastic shallow water smallmouth fishing the next few weeks.