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June 17th, 2013 - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin 54547

posted Jun 17, 2013, 4:34 AM by Jeff Robl
Been fishing the TFF everyday for the last 10 days, the fishing has been fantastic.I've been fishing walleyes and smallmouths.The smallmouths on the Tff are known for their girth but rarely exceed 20" We catch over a thousand a season and if they look 18" I measure them.The last two days we had a 19",19-1/4,19-1/2,and 19-3/4 these are big fish!When we switch from walleyes to smallmouths we are getting big fish and numbers.Throwing cranks in 2-6fow lot of baits catching fish crayfish imitations with rattles working best.Walleyes have varied from3-1/2 to 14 fow depending on conditions.Today we kept two small walleyes a couple perch a couple rock bass and a 15" smallmouth for shore lunch all taste good.After lunch we found walleyes in 12-14 fow kept 6 fish from15-20" released many fish up to 18".Leeches worked best the last two days,before that was doing best on minnows taking all three along(crawlers also). There have been days when you hit slow stretches example 6-10 two half day trips, lines in the water before 6am had a good start on walleyes early kept 7 allowed walleyes(7 morning 7 afternoon7 people counting me)mid day slow fishing, afternoon trip went deeper, fish started biting again caught 30-35 walleyes but smaller fish. Today we caught fish on our first spot walleyes few and small, kept pounding away I knew they were biting the guys kept their intensity up and we found nice sized fish in the afternoon.I've had days with a shore lunch planned 11am no fish in the box yet that's pressure.I experienced a new pressure this past week with a camera in the boat filming for a T.V. show with Don from Illinois Outdoors thanks for the experience Don .Want to thank everyone who fished with me it was truly a pleasure.Thanks Neal repeat business is the best compliment!