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June 19th, 2013 - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin 54547

posted Jun 19, 2013, 8:52 AM by Jeff Robl
Been getting asked about the mayfly hatch. There is often more then one, haven't seen anything substantial yet(have not been on TFF last two days) expect hatch soon.The mayfly nymphs live in the silt, until the young of the year perch fry are of eating size they are an important source of protein for walleyes.I often look at what they're eating when I'm cleaning fish and all season there have been mayfly larvae in the walleyes stomachs.When the mayflys are hatching and there is a cloud of larvae rising out of the silt towards the surface the walleyes are dialed in on them and are gorging.I have caught fish while this is going on but it is tough,I'll be trying leeches with a jig if you can find any with black hair that might be a good choice. A walleye digests its food relatively quickly and the mayfly hatch isn't going to foil a groups week long vacation.It is also impossible to plan a fishing trip around the mayfly hatch.If your day on the water is during or immediately after a hatch and the walleyes are tough ,they all eat mayflys but more aggressive fish like smallmouth and pike might be more catchable. I remember a calm evening I was out fishing by myself fishing had been good that day the sun was low in the sky and the mayflys were rising off the water all around me it was actually pretty neat to see (the fish did stop biting my offering).Any day on the water is a good day!Enjoy them.