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June 4th, 2013 - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin 54547

posted Jun 6, 2013, 3:19 PM by Jeff Robl
Try to keep my posts intersesting,sometimes can give info by short stories.Mon. am.got to work an hr. 1-1/2 early threw a few casts at some way points I haven't fished this year no takers.Did some scouting followed a bar out to the point where it dropped fast into 10fow with a few stumps at the base in 10fow,quick threw a buoy out went back with the electric threw a few casts missed a fish, usually would stay and see what was down there new it was a good spot punched it in moved on.Ran the big motor back and forth around the edge of a 4'sand flat staying in 6-10fow found a section with 6-8 sand rock wood shut the big motor off,dropped the electric got the window weight out and moved around with the electric bouncing the cast iron weight off the bottom ping,ping,dull thump,ping,(rock,rock,wood,rock)punched in way point 388,when you find this structure you know it will hold fish.Early in the season there are a lot of places to catch fish I spend a lot of time fishing 6-8 with a bottom composition of sand rock stumps and sunken logs.I got my rod out took three casts and caught a walleye.Looked at my watch it was 7:56 I was about three minutes from fishermans landing (full throttle)Picked up father and son Edward and Simom went back to 388 and in an hr. 1 1/2 secured our shore lunch with walleyes and some very nice perch ,That takes a lot of pressure off a day with shore lunch planned.With a good catch early wanted to try some deep water stuff I usually fish later in year, fished 15-20' some river channel structure and some non river deep holes and did very well on walleyes it was a good numbers morning around 30-35 fish but small size kept 13-16".After lunch Simon and I went out casting he wanted to throw for muskies and I was still working a jig. I caught a couple walleyes Simon no muskies. We went to a mid lake sand flat with a few stumps and rock,mostly sand put the drift sock out threw a perch shad rap and a jointed perch count down made 4 short passes over the flat and caught 7 nice smallmouth forgot how much fun throwing crank baits is.Had a great day today with Brothers Al and Stu and friend Gary had another pretty good numbers day for walleyes (numbers were good but size smaller than most of this spring,today13-16").Had a good morning,mid day pretty slow and a good finish.Our shore lunch consisted of 2 walleyes and some nice perch after lunch we kept 6 walleyes and a few more perch for another meal.They do an annual trip to some great fishing destinations so it was a pleasure to show them around the TFF. DLAMA2 don't care to get into the musky politics but liked your last post, it was a pleasure meeting you opening weekend.If you haven't been up since opening weekend don't want to rub it in but you missed some really good spring fIshing think the next month is going to be better than usuall give me a call for some current info.