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May 28th, 2013 - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin 54547

posted May 28, 2013, 6:07 AM by Jeff Robl
Fishing has been very good since I last posted a report.Walleye catches on most days are ranging from 15-45 fish, many 16-18" with a few perch starting to be caught the smallmouths are getting aggressive with bigger fish caught and released.The exception was thur the 23rd with the cold front and the strong north wind we had 2 walleyes and 6 smallmouth all day.For me a cold front in May is the hardest conditions of the open water season.Friday the fish were still sluggish ,it took until early afternoon to find some hungry fish then our limit came pretty fast with others released.The fish came on minnows and crawlers in 8-10fow with bottom composition of sand,rock and wood.Saturday I had Bob and Carl who were experienced jig fisherman . We started out fishing rocks and caught some nice smallmouths but no walleyes We moved to humps in the7-10' with sand,rock and wood and found nice walleyes.The fish were not biting aggressively we just felt a little extra weight and figured out we had to give about a five count before we set the hook.We moved to a shallower bar 6-8' and found fish there also.Not all the spots we fished had active fish but we had pretty steady action all day.Yesterday the bite was back on it took us until our fifth spot a transition between soft bottom area with sticks and brush coming out of 12' to 6-8' flat with sand rock and wood to locate fish.The fish were in a tight area on the edge in 8' and were located casting a 1/16 oz. slowfall jig and minnow.My clients didn't have a full day and wanted to have a shore lunch so we settled for a limit of 13-15" walleyes and a few perch.I picked up my son Jack and his friend at the dock we caught some walleyes then I wanted to try a spot in the area, that I had found scouting last summer and had not fished yet.It was a 8' hump with a sharp almost verticle drop on one side into 10'the spot was covered with softball to bowling ball size boulders (determined with my window weight).I missed one caught one then showed Jack where to cast.Kessey who had never cast a jig before traded her bobber pole for a jigging rod.It was a great teaching day, every fish all day gave the classic walleye bite where you feel the "click" or snap when they suck the jig in(it is critical to have a sensitive rod)lower the rod tip count to 2 and give a big hook set.In 45-60 min. we caught 35 walleyes ranging from 11-18".The sun was low time to hang it up, OK a dollar on the last fish we each cast out our jig and half way back Kessey set the hook into the winning fish. Was also doing well some days on rocks before the cold front both shore lines and rock humps up to 6'.