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May 5th, 2013 - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin 54547

posted May 6, 2013, 9:00 AM by Jeff Robl
I fished the Murrays landing end of the TFF this weekend.With the exception of some of the bays and the Grant lake area there was about 5 miles of open water.It was open past the second set of narrows or for reference past campsite C-9.Saturdays water temps were in the low 30's with the north wind, the conditions were  brutal for most of the day.The fish were in a very negative pre-spawn mood.I picked up my son and two friends later in the morning we concentrated on river channels hoping to intercept moving walleyes.The results were one caught muskie and one larger muskie that got off at the side of the boat. Of the groups I talked to consisting of around 20 people I heard of 6 walleyes being caught saturday.The walleye fishing was as tough as it gets.Sunday's warmer weather brought improved fishing but with the cold water and pre-spawn I worked a lot of water to catch some 12-15" males. Fish were found in 12-15 fow I worked river channels from an anchored position casting an 1/8 jig and fathead upstream and working it back with the current.I didn't talk to anyone yet who fished the Turtle river end I'm guessing the results were similar.That concludes the fishing report,better fishing ahead.
Camping report: I was concerned about getting one of the few sites that weren't iced in but with the snow and freezing rain all day friday that wasn't a problem, there was only one other group camping.After I got set up friday I felt guilty that I would be enjoying the camping by myself.I called home a couple times offering to pick anyone up at the landing who may have changed their mind,after the second or third time my wife said don't you get it! no one wants to camp in the snow and rain.Anyone interested in spending time on the TFF there is a lot of wild life to see when there is still some ice on the flowage.Flocks of migrating waterfowl included:golden eyes,buffleheads,teal,mergansers,commerants.I saw three trumpeter swans lot of geese and loons.I talked naturalist Zack Wilson he guessed there were over 50 loons on that end of the flowage.If you're a light sleeper you might want to bring ear plugs I woken  often by the loons and geese.
Ice report: with the warm weather forcasted this week I'm guessing the ice will be gone by the weekend but that is not a given.FYI if there are still floating ice chunks be carefu l the chunks have white porous ice on top but very hard black ice on the bottom they would do serious damage if hit at a fast speed.