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September 15th, 2013 - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin 54547

posted Sep 18, 2013, 8:21 PM by Jeff Robl
It was nice to get back out on the TFF was my longest stretch since opening day of not fishing the flowage. Got to fish with my son Jack, went out late in the day started on a steep shoreline. I had a crawler Jack a fathead he had three fish in the boat to my o so I quickly switched. We had scanned over some of the fall deep water spots they looked pretty empty so we tried a few spots I hadn't fished this year, we caught some nice perch and small walleyes. Tried a spotfor the second time now that I had high hopes for, an odd spot,a deeper small hole in a bay with rocks in the basin threw jigs for 10min. nothing, I try new spots 3 or 4 times then eliminate them ,there are way too many good spots to find on the TFF. In the same bay noticed wood sticking out of the water in 7' we motored over up wind and cut the motor we cast jigs as we drifted by, I caught a walleye jack missed one. There was another stump just sticking out of the water 30 yds away, we drifted in range of that one and caught a nice smallmouth that was laying tight to the stump. I was curious about the other one, we went back and dropped an anchor upwind and caught three more walleyes I let some rope out so the back of the boat was next to the wood and pushed the mark button. The north wind was brutal, body not acclimated to the first cold weather of the year I got some hand warmers out of the boat glove compartment from opening weekend. Wanted to check on what was working last time out ,that is where we did the best on walleyes, river channel edges 12-16'pattern been good since early August. The fish were spread out today but when you found them they bit aggressively I had a crappie almost yank the rod out of my hand. It's interesting how in May a cold front with a north wind makes it hard to buy a bite but in September it can get them going. Highlight of the day :I had a strong finish and probably caught more fish then Jack, another oddity.