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My family and I live in Mercer Wisconsin. One of the many reasons we moved here in 2006 was our love for fishing and camping on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage. Our family has had a cabin near the flowage since 1964, and I have fished there since I was a young boy.

There are obviously many good lakes to fish in our area of the state. With my free time I've always opted to fish on the flowage. With over 14,000 acres of water and the majority of the shoreline undeveloped, it is the type of fishing environment that held my interest. Another huge attraction for me is the diverse structure and habitat to fish. Before I started guiding when fishing by myself or with family I would often resist the temptation to go where I knew I could catch fish and explore for new spots which seem infinite.

I'm known for my expertise in fishing the TFF but also fish other bodies of water in Iron and Vilas counties including the Manitowish and Flambeau chains.

In the fall of 2015 I made a significant investment in my guiding business by purchasing a new boat. I bought a Skeeter WX2000T. It is a 20' boat thus has more seating capacity then my former boat, I can comfortably fish myself and four customers. It's powered by a 115 H.P. Yamaha four stroke motor, the improved fuel economy and quietness over my older motor is impressive. I continued with a glass boat for their superior smooth ride in rough water over an aluminum boat . The tiller motor leaves nothing but wide open space for fishing.

I use the latest in Humminbird electronics with side imaging and map chip technology. I am a pretty low technology guy but I have gained confidence in the ability of reading the bottom composition with sonar technology. I have abandoned the cast iron window sash weight tied to a steel cable, I used for years. It too was extremely accurate, drifting over a spot and bouncing the bottom: ping ping , rocks; thump thump wood. I guess they don't use them in windows anymore either.

I've fished with St. Croix rods for many years, they're made in Park Falls Wisconsin and for me that's about as "buy local" as it gets. I take pride in providing my customers with the best equipment available, I have St. Croix's top of the line walleye and musky rods for their use. Customers are welcome to bring a favorite rod of their own but I do encourage them to leave them home and use mine.

I have a pretty aggressive style of fishing but try to adapt to the clients pace, after all it is often said," life should be fun". Well fishing should be really fun!

I encourage customers to book a full day (gladly do offer half days as well) and opt for a shore lunch. A fish fry over a camp fire on one of the many islands is a fitting compliment to spending a day on the flowage. It's a little more effort on my end but I enjoy doing it, for many it is the highlight of the day. I have it priced mainly to reflect my costs.
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