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2014/09/22 - Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl

posted Sep 23, 2014, 6:57 AM by Jeff Robl   [ updated Sep 23, 2014, 6:57 AM ]
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9/22/14 10:34 PM CST
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Looking forward to more dialog on the largemouth, not enough time tonight. Baitcaster I try to stay apolitical in the boat but read your post and reminded me of a personal joke, you must be a democrat republicans don't have global warming, seriously those are dismal long term prospects.

Have had some real good days since last post and a slow day. The worst bite day was sat. the 20th which coincided with my son Jack's first day of open water guiding. We had a group of four, two in my boat and two in Jack's our catch for the day: seven walleyes a couple perch, a couple crappies we also kept a few rock bass. Our catch was all the group of six could eat for shore lunch but not the usual bag of fillets to take home. We had a fun group of guys who had a good time despite the slow bite.

The following day I met my solo morning fisherman Todd at the landing, the weather was radically different then the day before. Cold north wind , t-shirt, sweat shirt and two jackets, half way through fishing the first spot I put my bibs on. The cold front drove the walleyes deeper we found an aggressive bite in 12-18' in boulders and river channel wood. Our 20th walleye of the morning was the 6th one we put in the live well for our limit. I cleaned Todd's fish and picked up father and son Jim and Paul at their place in the Horseshoe for the second half of the day. We fished a half dozen spots in the 12-18' range concentrating on boulders and had another 6 fish limit of walleyes. Our biggest fish was only 16" but we finished the day with over 30 walleyes. Very much enjoyed fishing with Jim and Paul, Jim at 81 still had the knack for feeling the bite casting an 1/8oz. jig and minnow. That night at home I told Jack he got a pretty bum day of fishing the day before, probably worst top three of the season.

Today another good bite myself and three fisherman kept a combination of 23 fish: walleyes, crappies and perch.

We have had a couple days in the last week where the walleyes have taken a back seat to the crappies, pretty hard to pull the anchors on 11-14" crappies. I have come to enjoy fishing for them, I like how they bite, when I get a crappie bite I do set the hook differently then on a walleye, don't try to "cross their eyes".

I'll have time to post some pictures tomorrow, I took some today for all the people who would like to be here but can't make a fall journey. The colors are at about 40% the different phases have their own beauty now with the contrast of still green trees and the already gold and red maples and birch.

Note: I have been taking only the extra large fatheads they have been working good on both the crappies and walleyes. I haven't bothered with two sizes of fatheads, the crappies are big fish and don't have any qualms with the bigger minnows. I have been taking crawlers too, but at this point in the season they have been mostly just going for a boat ride, anyone want any I'll sellum cheap.