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2014/09/28.1 - Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl

posted Sep 28, 2014, 4:22 PM by Jeff Robl   [ updated Sep 28, 2014, 4:22 PM ]
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9/28/14 1:27 PM CST
Conditions: Sunny Air Temp: 76° - 80º F Water Temp: 61° - 65° F
A day off today, my boat is in dire need of a cleaning, after this report I'll be getting the pressure washer out. The last couple days on the flowage have been incredible with the weather and the fall colors, yesterday in the afternoon, t-shirt weather.

The fall bite is on! the water temps have warmed up but we're still catching fish deep in the fall pattern areas. Casting 1/8 oz. jigs and extra large fatheads. We're finding numbers of walleyes in the 15-25' range, boulders and sand bottom. We have been using regular round head jigs in some areas and still the slow fall jigs where it is more snaggy.

Along with the walleyes we've been getting some perch and nice crappies mostly in the 11-13" range with an occasional 14". We've been fishing crappies on natural structure although I would guess the cribs would also hold fish. The fish we have targeted are usually on the break from 12'-16'---22'fow relating to wood structure not far away but they're usually not tight to the wood. We've been doing better with the slip bobbers for crappies, I do like a #2 tru turn hook with colored beads instead of a jig .

I enjoy fishing the number spots for fall walleye, we're catching a lot of fish, 50 plus is common. As I've said before there are a lot of 10 & 11" fish. The limits we're bringing in are usually in the 13-15" range. Not easy for me with 3-4 people in the boat, but if your interested in bigger fish but low numbers I would be throwing stick baits in shallower water with good wood structure or with wind pounding into shoreline rocks.