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2014/10/21 Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl

posted Oct 21, 2014, 3:14 PM by Jeff Robl   [ updated Oct 21, 2014, 3:14 PM ]
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10/21/14 4:01 PM CST
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Not many people out there to post a report for, I think we saw 3 or 4 boats yesterday and 2 or 3 on a not too bad of a Sunday, that was fishing on the big water side with a lot of the flowage to view. (The packers or fall walleye fishing, are ya kidding me! turn your radios on!) For numbers, fall is the best time of the year to fish although we had some exceptional days in May.

I haven't been posting numbers but to give people an idea of the fall fishing I'll give a quick recap of the last few days.

Friday with a strong north wind we went east to find some quieter water for jigging. The fish weren't numerous we did get a few nicer fish, an 18" and a couple 16"s a lot of small fish, took awhile to get our 12th fish for a limit.

Saturday group of 8 counting me ( two boats) they had a contest with a number of categories including most fish per boat, the two boats had a total of 131 walleyes. I won't say whose boat won but I over heard grumbling that I was a ringer, actually Todd using one of my high end rods had the most with 29. We kept only enough fish to feed the 7 guys and released the rest, our biggest fish was 18" (released).

I've made a lot of friends through guiding, Sunday fished with father and son Mark and Ryne, third person, Marks fishing partner Jeff had family commitments. The three of us caught 64 walleyes, no big fish but most of our limit were 15" fish we released a lot of 10-13" walleyes.

Yesterday we started the morning catching fish that were on the bubble of wether or not to put in the live well. With a shore lunch planned ,I joked to Peter and Jerry that those were 11:30 fish, at 12:30 with a perch and one walleye in the live well the now infrequent 11:30 fish were looking pretty darn good! We ate at 1:30. We ended with 49 walleyes, all small. The 15" fish on Sunday came from a fall area I hadn't fished yet, we tried them before lunch but the area held all small fish our biggest fish yesterday was 13-1/2".

The perimeter of the original lake basins in 20-30' and the river channels in 15-24' hold a lot of fish, most are 10-15" with an occasional 18-22" fish, the lake basins also hold some nice crappies.

Even in the fall the walleyes can go into a negative mood but with less frequency. The fall bite should stay good through ice up. My last trip, last season was nov. 5th, my one customer and I in 5-1/2 hours caught between 50-60 walleyes.

I've invested in some nice musky tackle if anyone is interested in a trip. I honestly haven't spent much time fishing for them but I do know where they live. Would be willing to do all musky or would divide the day with walleyes if desired.