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2014/11/03 Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl

posted Nov 3, 2014, 1:07 PM by Jeff Robl   [ updated Nov 3, 2014, 1:08 PM ]
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11/3/14 8:46 AM CST
Conditions: Partly Sunny Air Temp: 11° - 15° F Water Temp: 40° - 45° F
Saturday was my last day of the open water season. I did get in a full day, on the water at 6am, it was 11* when we left the house. My son Tom had two friends sleep over, brothers Brandon and Johnny. We all set out decoys then Johnny and I fished and they duck hunted. It was the coldest temperatures I have open water fished in, the cold air was problematic as ice formed on the front eye and had to be occasionally cleaned out. The walleyes bit well but were scattered over deep boulders, we had to pull anchors and move around to keep catching fish. The anchor rope in the water was limber but once it got back in the boat it immediately froze and was difficult to wrap around the cleats at the next spot. Johnny, a diehard fisherman was very happy to be out catching walleyes, two years ago him and I also fished the last day as Tom duck hunted. Kids are fun to fish with. Late in the morning I said to Johnny, " I got a few sodas here that aren't frozen, you want one? Reply: I quit drinking soda. Me: really, why? Johnny," I'm getting in shape" Me: that's great, what's your motivation. Johnny," girls and basketball".

After collecting decoys and leading the duck hunters back to the landing, I picked up my afternoon customers. They were dressed for the weather but Paul wasn't sure how long his 81 year old dad would be able to take the cold. I wasn't too worried about catching walleyes so we started out drift fishing one of the original lake basins for other species. The fish were really spread out, we did drift over one pocket of fish that were thick on the bottom but none of them bit. After 3 or 4 long passes we had a nice mixed bag of crappies, perch, one pike and a couple walleyes. We finished the day catching walleyes on river boulders in 18-22'. I think the oldest guy in the boat, Jim , would have fished longer, after almost 6 hours with the sun low and enough fish in the live well we headed in.