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2015/04/19 Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl

posted Apr 20, 2015, 8:29 AM by Jeff Robl   [ updated Apr 20, 2015, 8:29 AM ]
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4/19/15 10:19 PM CST
In order of importance:

Guy with the picture of the fish bones symbol 4-18-15 post.

Thanks for posting that. If you read the 7th paragraph of the news release you cited, it tells of the need for the governors signature on the natural resources board emergency ruling for a three walleye bag limit in the ceded territory. The person I talked to today said it hasn't been signed yet but is expected to be done this week. Another item on his desk not signed is the trolling legislation, as of right now there is no trolling allowed on northern Wi inland lakes. No matter what side of the trolling issue you are on I know there is a lot of confusion that needs to be cleared up.

Trude/TFF bag limits with the new bridge connecting the two bodies of water, the bag limits will still be considered separate. Example if three fish limit you could catch and keep 3 on the TFF and fish Trude and catch another 2 not three as the state bag limit is 5 daily or vice versa.

Transporting fish. This is at the discretion of the Game warden. If you were lodging on the TFF or launched your boat on the TFF, caught your limit on the flowage then went under the bridge and caught 2 fish on Trude you would need to go directly to the landing or lodging and be done walleye fishing for the day. If you did as I just described and stopped again on the TFF and fished for crappies or perch and are checked and have 5 walleyes in your boat(per person)and are still fishing, you will have a problem. The safe bet is to only keep the number of fished allowed on the body of water you are fishing. I can guess there might be a lot of questions with hypothetical situations, for me the bottom line is, especially with all the other fish you can keep, do I really have to keep more then 3 walleyes per person per day? WOW I might get some flack for that one!

Provolonetone the hardest weekend of the year for me to find a place for my customers and I to pull up to a campsite for a shore lunch is Memorial day weekend. It usually requires quite a bit of driving around. You mentioned not coming until Sunday, if you are coming late in the day you might find a spot being vacated as some people leave early especially if the weather was rainy.

Last but not least, thanks Whistling Gull I had a great birthday took some time out to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies. With your photo shop abilities I wasn't going to post any targets. Met a lot of people thru LL lot of good laughs. Thanks.