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2015/07/14 Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl

posted Jul 15, 2015, 8:24 PM by Jeff Robl   [ updated Jul 15, 2015, 8:24 PM ]
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7/14/15 11:19 PM CST
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Over due on a report, someone called today asking if I've been fishing , no reports lately. Sorry, I've fished everyday , started a few reports and fell asleep at the computer, thought I better sit in a desk chair tonight.

Looking back at the last several days and the report contained within.

Mon. the 6th rain all day no fishing can't blame them were able to reschedule. Tue picked up solo fisherman, Jeff, told him I have no read on the bite today ,fished with jackets on all day. Cold north wind, found slow but steady action on walleyes and smallmouth, deeper wood in 13-15', crawlers. Had 9 walleyes big enough to keep Jeff opted to do catch and release . Wed. regular customers, planned half day trip, Acea 8 year old was having fun ,we fished all day, caught fish in a variety of structure: cribs, river channel edges and humps in the 10-12' range.Not jumpin in the boat, but enough action to keep everyone's interest up. Kept a few bigger walleyes and perch for a fish fry, released the rest.

Thursday found a tough bite during the day ,worked a lot of diverse structure with two good anglers, a lot of laughs and good conversation but the fishing was very slow. Didn't have a problem with shore lunch of walleye and perch but the catch beyond that was light. Did have some good smallmouth in 10-12' rock/wood crawlers and leeches. Things can change fast, picked up father and 7 year old daughter with very little fishing experience ,for a late day trip, after a tough day with the two seasoned anglers. Our first spot, threw the buoy on a 10' wood spot I hadn't fished since late May. We had a hard time keeping more then 2 lines in the water, caught 20 fish off the spot: walleye, smallmouth, perch and rock bass including a 21" walleye 7 year old Sierra caught and released. Her father and I had a ball watching her battle smallmouth and walleye the regret was not having a video recorder.

When I have young kids in the boat I have them sit in the seat next to me and start out setting the hook and handing off the rod. I set the hook as hard as I can without breaking the 6 lb. leader on a heavy fish, this helps keep the fish on during the hand off, trying to keep tension on the fish.

Fri., Scott, another customer I've fished many times with, no matter how many fish some people have caught they still have fun catching fish on bobbers. We ran into panfish right out of the gate and stayed with that for half the day before looking for walleyes and smallmouth. At days end I cleaned a combination of 25 fish, we figured we released 3 fish for each one we kept, thats a lot of fish! A highlight of the day was a 40 plus musky we had almost to the net before he decided to give up the bluegill in it's mouth. Downed trees, stumps and 8' with brush and roots ; lots of crawlers.

Sat good day with two groups, nice walleyes, smallmouth and some perch. Wood and rock structure any where from 11-15' mostly crawlers. Fished with group who had a tough week on a clear water lake and decided to try the flowage, they were impressed. Fished with my farthest residing fisherman, exchange student Nico from Spain, he had a great time battling smallmouth.

Sunday was an enlightening day. Fished with two very good jig fisherman. There was a real nice chop on the water we had 4 bobber poles out most of the day and we each cast a jig with half crawler. We fished water from 11-15'. We kept 7 walleyes 6 were 16"-17-1/2" (nice fish), released smaller walleyes also kept some nice perch. The three of us caught about an equal amount of fish. Why the walleyes wouldn't take the bobbers with the nice chop was unusual. The stringer picture would have looked different with less seasoned jig fisherman, it was a very light bite, harder to detect in the deeper water and with the wind blowing.

Long enough report. Today at 8am I was the only car in the lot. The fishing has been good most days, with an occasional tough bite (typical of any body of water) not many fisherman out the last couple weeks?

Have Friday open.