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2015/08/21 Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl

posted Oct 30, 2015, 12:07 PM by Jeff Robl   [ updated Oct 30, 2015, 12:13 PM ]
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8/21/15 9:51 PM CST
Conditions: Sunny Air Temp: 71° - 75° F Water Temp: 66° - 70° F
Had 3 consecutive pretty good days of walleye fishing as mentioned in last report, the last week, more challenging days though still getting nice panfish. I think the erratic weather has played a roll in the slow bite on some days. Wednesday was a slow bite day for us, I didn't fish yesterday but am guessing it may have been challenging.

Today I picked up customers in the Bastine area as I often do and instead of pointing out good areas and specific spots between Bastine and the dam which I know are good from past fishing but seldom fish, instead of driving by, I decided on a different course for the day. We fished 7 of these spots, caught 9 walleyes, 5 keepers and other fish some of which we kept ( perch, a big crappie, gills) released smb, rock bass and sunfish. We fished slopes with stumps and wood, which in 1925 would have been land projections(peninsulas and points) jutting out into the Turtle River. I wanted to run and gun and had guys who had jig fishing experience so we didn't put out bobbers. We cast slow fall jigs with half crawlers and fatheads. The minnows did well at first but does limit you to fewer perch and bluegill bites. The fishing wasn't fast and furious but we caught fish and did miss quite a few fish, probably me the most, I don't mind missing perch or gills with an 1/8 oz. weedless jig but walleyes!, how do you fish every day and still get ticked when you miss a walleye? Considering the fishing the last few weeks I was pretty happy with the start. At around 11: 30 we headed out to the big water with the big chop ,I had good expectations , to be blunt the fishing stunk. We had a big lull then at the end of the day some nice gills and one more keeper walleye.

My observations: the water was much clearer from Bastine to the dam ( not churned up by the wind) then on the big water. Honestly didn't take too much stock in Nick's theory( see last post or maybe one before that) of attributing the slow bite to the murky water but I have fished the clearer water a few times now in the last 10 days and have caught more fish there. There has to be some explanation.

Apology for personal message: Andy, tried responding to your e-mail got the standardized out of office on vacation response. Would like to help you catch fish call 6-7:30am. If that was you in grey lund we did catch fish in 6 of 7 spots you probably saw us fish in morning.