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2015/09/01 Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl

posted Oct 30, 2015, 4:09 PM by Jeff Robl   [ updated Oct 30, 2015, 4:09 PM ]
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9/1/15 11:50 PM CST
Conditions: Partly Sunny Air Temp: 66° - 70° F Water Temp: 66° - 70° F
Boat fever nice contribution, nice report.There has been some tough walleye fishing the last month.

Marking of stump hazards on the TFF wouldn't be realistic, feasible, nor desirable from an aesthetic standpoint. I'll cite an example I've used before, the 3/4 mile section of water in front of f-16: spring one visible stump (actually trees still attached to the bottom in 4-14' fow) a couple weeks ago 6, today probably 20, if we lose another foot of water, a hundred, seriously. Does it deter me from fishing that area, no. I trim the motor up and idle through. If I were running an aluminum prop I would have an extra and the implements to change it. Pink rock area is another white knuckle run on full plane this time of year.There, however there are straighter, wider, deeper sections of the river channel. My best advice in hazardous areas (I try to follow) take your time pack a lunch spend a full day. There does also exist a lot of good fishing in low risk areas of the flowage.

Fishing report: Yesterday at 11:30 we had one fish in the live well, fortunately the plan for Jim, Jake and Frank was a shore dinner at the end of the day. The stinger picture is our catch late afternoon. We found an assortment of fish including 6 walleyes (kept 3) in deeper water. Blue gills are often thought of as shallow fish we did the best on those in 16-18' on three different small humps with rock bottom. Caught fish casting and on bobbers, crawlers and fatheads.

Today the same cast of characters and I do mean characters, set aside the day for casting for larger fish. We thrashed shorelines with shallow weeds and shallow wood, at 11 am or so we had one smb. With overcast skies and some wind I really wanted to go fish for walleye, but unless asked, try not to influence the plan. We had been fishing an area they had had past success on both smb and lmb. They decided to continue casting for larger fish but suggested we go to some areas I like. We moved to an area I like for musky, we caught smb and pike and had the good fortune to tie into the 45-1/2" fish in the picture. Luckily Jim had switched over to one of my musky rods, he got the fish boatside and I couldn't get it in the walleye net, I was really upset at missing the fish, it ran under the boat, Jim did a good job of playing the fish and got it to the side of the boat again, this time got the fish to fold over in the too small net. I gotta say it was really exciting! Looking forward to doing more. I will give a hint as to some water you may want to cross off the map this season, the shallow water NE of bonies mound and I do mean a lot of it was pretty void of fish.

We did raise one other big fish and another follow to the boat.The fish caught, the fish raised and the follow were on hand made baits by Man Cave Bait Co. The fish caught and big fish raised were on a single blade bucktail(pictured) and the follow on a double blade. These baits really run nice in the water.

We fished some shoreline weeds and channel edges the fish caught was on boulders in 8 fow. Fun guys, fun day on the water!