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2015/09/07 Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl

posted Oct 30, 2015, 4:22 PM by Jeff Robl   [ updated Oct 30, 2015, 4:24 PM ]
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9/7/15 11:23 PM CST
Conditions: Partly Sunny Air Temp: 76° - 80º F Water Temp: 76° - 80º F
Happy Labor day!

What an awesome day on the water, enjoying the remaining days of summer weather on the water. Since my last report there has been a couple days that the walleyes bit pretty well but in general they remain elusive. We have been having nice catches of multi species on the menu, lot of big bluegills, crappies and perch. As I occasionally try to explain to people, some days almost every fish in the lake will bite, other days almost none of the fish will bite and most days the fishes mood ranges somewhere in between. Yesterday the fish were in a very good mood Friday for us the fish were on the other end of the spectrum, today was mediocre . Even on the slowest day (friday) we ate well and the customers took home a fish fry for their stay at the cabin, pounding away at mostly deeper wood structure. Sunday (yesterday) I hadn't fished mid-lake humps in a long time , (seems like maybe a month) must have been, 12' humps were now 9'. With a good chop, dark skies and a south wind, took a flyer and tried some, I was going to try 3 if no fish go back to deeper water. First hump notada 2nd hump lot of fish right away after that 8 of 10 had fish of different species on them, including a few nice smb. As I said all fish were active, Kurt's bobber went down,he set the hook into a gill that got quickly chomped by a low-mid 40's musky, almost had him in the net when he spit the gill, "kurt get that gill back in the water!" he started figure 8ing the gill and the big fish grabbed it again, almost had it in the net, the third time the musky came and looked at the gill but wouldn't take it. Fun!

I have the pleasure of fishing with a wide array of customers: families, young people, groups of guys on fishing outings, today a minority group, two woman. Sisters Jennifer and Michelle spent the day enjoying summer weather on the TFF, our catch was mixed but mostly gills. It is really fun fishing with woman! One example of the difference is the excitement when you do get a nice fish on. There is no being incognito , quietly trying to get a fish in the boat without a nearby boat seeing it. There is hooting, laughter and celebration, how can you not laugh and enjoy the enthusiasm. They had fished the flowage for a long time but hadn't had a shore lunch on one of the islands and really liked the experience.

Going to miss summer but looking forward to the fall bite.