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2015/10/29 Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl

posted Oct 30, 2015, 8:23 PM by Jeff Robl   [ updated Oct 30, 2015, 8:23 PM ]
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10/29/15 9:36 AM CST
Conditions: Raining Air Temp: 41° - 45° F Water Temp: 46° - 50° F
The approximate 9,000 of 13,000 acres of water I saw yesterday had 4 boats occupying it, one slowly idled up to me. I was throwing a jig at some fish in 32' of water and having no takers. Friends I met 5 years ago through guiding from Wausau are up for a week of fishing and reported the walleyes were biting really good. That is very useful information when you're looking for new fish, I suspected the fish below me weren't walleyes and pulled my anchors. I probed another area for deep fish and found none. It was a bonus day of fishing for me, my husband and wife customers for the day had passed on the opportunity to fish in the beautiful 43* temp and steady rain. We had had a good afternoon the day before, I was ok with a day off. Actually, I almost didn't fish yesterday after much contemplation, resisted the temptation to start on the punch list of work to be done before I leave for deer hunting late next week. Another temptation I didn't succumb to, was quitting early, late in the day the jokers from Wausau texted a picture of the bottle of Jameson irish whisky they invited me over to partake in.

It has been an unusual fall, the fishing has been good, though the bite started later with the continued warm weather in September, almost as good as usual. What has been different is that a lot of water that usually has fish has not produced well or at all.

One of the two questions I most often get asked, is if I ever get tired of fishing? Late in the afternoon I went to a few areas where I suspected there would be fish, two I hadn't fished this fall but with 15-20' and rocks they had fish. I wasn't counting but as I set the hook into the umpteenth walleye the above question was easy to answer. Yesterday unlike a lot of recent days the fish bit aggressively, instead of just added weight on the line you felt almost every fish bite.

With wet arms (haven't found rain gear that after jigging all day your arms aren't wet to your elbows) and daylight fading it was time to take my three walleyes and 3 big perch home to be cleaned and froze in two packages to be fried over a campfire at deer camp.

Phone just beeped with a weather update, looks like the late start fishing day today will include fishing in a "wintery mix" what's that? With a switch of wind from the north and a temp drop my fishing forecast for today is for the fish to either be biting as good as yesterday, about the same or slower.

Oh the second question, what is the day like when you get some "bad customers"? I don't know I have sincerely enjoyed fishing with everyone this year thank you very much to everyone who chose my guide service!

Probably last report or in this case commentary and thank you, not many fisherman to report to. For the few venturing out the walleye fishing will remain good until ice up and a chance at the biggest musky of the year. The coffee pot is empty time to get ready for the day, talk to you in December.

Thank you. Jeff