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2016/06/27 - Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl

posted Jul 26, 2016, 5:20 AM by Jeff Robl   [ updated Jul 26, 2016, 5:21 AM ]
2016/06/27 - Fishing Report - Turtle Flambeau Flowage - Mercer Wisconsin - Jeff Robl
6/27/16 @ 7:21 AM
Jeff Robl
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I've had a good start to the fishing season, I missed one day of fishing on the tff since opening day, sons high school graduation. Since last report I have had a couple very slow days for walleyes, actually as slow as I can ever remember in June. Mayflies?, weather? who knows when you fish every day you will find a slow one. That being said there isn't a body of water I would rather have the pressure of fishing on and providing a shore lunch for customers. Even on the worst day perch and walleyes are on the menu.

We are still finding perch, mostly relating to bigger diameter stumps in the 6-12' range. Smallmouth have moved off shore lines into wood and weed structure, I am sure there are still some on shallow rocks but haven't tried that in quite a while. We are finding walleyes on much of the flowages diverse structure, on the flat water sunny days usually looking deeper 12-18' on days with wind sometimes very shallow. 

Wind wow! I always say how much I like the wind some of these last few days found us hiding from the wind at 35 mph there is no kind of chance holding the boat even with 100ft of rope, correction line I was corrected many times by customer David a pilot on a ship, cowboys use rope what's attached to your anchor is line. 

Yesterday I had a chance to fish with three fisherman who wanted to catch fish other than walleyes. We did take time out to live bait fish to put some walleyes, perch and blue gills in the live well for a shore lunch ( they seemed in a better mood yesterday) we found fish very shallow 3-5 shore line wood with the wind blowing in. Most of our day however was spent throwing bucktails, mepps spinners, frogs and crank baits. I really enjoyed the action from the pike and bass it was a lot of fun. After fishing we talked about the type of fishing that interests them(catch and release bass, pike, muskie), they didn't get the intense draw of jigging for walleyes and watching bobbers, huh? I gotta admit it was a lot of fun. We had to find wind sheltered bays with weeds and wood to catch fish.

Good fishing to you. Gotta go fishing.