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Fishing Report 05/01/2018

posted May 1, 2018, 11:00 AM by Jeff Robl
Frozen lakes on opening weekend were thought to be about a one in twenty year event. What we have currently are the same ice conditions we had on both opening of 2013 & 2014. I can't predict ice out any better than anyone else, if I look at the 10 day forecast and factor in the experiences of 13&14 I would guess the ice will go out about the 9th or 10 th of May. I can't remember which was which but one of the two had record cold temps, I remember mornings well into April with temps starting below zero, I believe that year the ice went out on May 10th.

My forecast for the fishing: opening weekend in 2013 was preceded by a snowstorm on Thursday and cold front conditions on the weekend, opening day, the walleye fishing was as bad as it gets, it improved slightly on Sunday. In 2014 opening weekend and the whole month of May had some incredible walleye fishing, I can remember a 100 fish day fishing with a husband and wife with a lot of nice fish. I predict the quality of the fishing will be somewhere between 2013 & 2014, hows that for a forecast LOL.

The main body of the TFF will be froze and area lakes will also be froze (best guess). Fishing opportunities in a boat will be limited to areas where there is current from rivers. Parking is not ample and there will be not be an endless supply of water to fish.

Ice fishing: I'm sure there will people ice fishing. I would avoid the novelty of being able to say you ice fished on opening weekend. The land on shore transfers heat to the shorelines which gets thin before the main body of ice, looking at our lake outside, there is a thin band of open water around the shores with full sun exposure. I'll make one more prediction: If we get a mass migration of people coming north to ice fish, someone will drown.

One more day of carpenter work, the rest of the week I'll be getting boat and gear ready, can't wait to get out fishing. With unknown conditions people waiting on the sidelines, I do have openings the first week, I'll be fishing somewhere and it won't be watching a tip up.