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Yes, the Ice is Out

posted May 7, 2018, 6:05 AM by Jeff Robl   [ updated May 7, 2018, 6:06 AM ]
Probably assumed, yes the ice is out. I launched Friday at Murray's landing and spent the weekend camping. Saturday people were able to launch at Fisherman's, late Saturday afternoon  Baraboo basin and Springstead landing were still froze in, by Sunday morning the ice was out of Baraboo and I assume the landing as well.

There were a lot of boats fishing the east end of the flowage where there was known to be open water. In general however fishing pressure was low for opening weekend and the flowage as a whole, surely due to limited access.

How was the fishing? It was very good! There were walleyes being caught in the original river channels in the 12-20' depth range.  My customers and I did best however opening day and myself Sunday on shallow rocks. The females had mainly released their eggs but were still on the rocks along with the males.

One  rocky point where we caught fish, further down the shore we saw fish splashing, I said they were probably bass. We worked towards the activity catching fish on the way, when we got there, customer Jeff in the bow laughed, do bass have white tails! Several times another walleye followed a hooked one to the boat.

The fish were in 2 feet of water (fow) and down the drop into 5 or 6 fow. 1/16 oz. jigs worked threw the shallow rounded boulders better then 1/8 oz. Bait was extra large fatheads.

We elected to keep fish in the 13-16" range and released the bigger walleyes we caught.

It was an awesome weekend weather wise, Nice to enjoy the flowage camping again. The first shore lunch of the year, this year with father and son Jeff and Zach is always one of my favorite meals of the year.

The week ahead: I would expect with the fast warm up for the spawn to be a very short window. The right shallow rocks will still be good especially early and late in the day. There will still be fish relating to the river channels. Shallow warm water with log structure and shallow stump fields are also good shortly after the spawn.