Musky Fishing

With almost 100% catch and release combined with robust stocking programs there are probably more musky swimming in the northwoods lakes then ever before. The Turtle Flambeau Flowage in particular has some fantastic musky fishing.

When I began musky guiding I did have an advantage in knowing a lot of good areas, with all the time on the water walleye fishing, we've had many exciting moments when a musky grabbed a perch or walleye we were bringing to the boat. Our success rate on musky has been very good,and there is great trophy potential on the TFF.

When musky fishing I limit the number of customers to three, if they are proficient casters all can fish at the same time with less experience I have two fish at a time. Customers are casting 7-8' rods with big baits and big treble hooks, safety is a primary concern . Musky fishing is demanding on the body and does require constant focus when retrieving your lure.

I have all the gear required including high end St. Croix rods. One piece of equipment the customer can bring are polarized sunglasses, especially when fishing the TFF with its darker stained water, polarized glasses help to see a fish following the lure.

Catching a musky is a thrilling experience, the season opens each year on the Saturday nearest Memorial day, I fish until early November. The fish are active throughout that period, in particular late summer into mid September is a very good to time for action , later fall is a chance for a heavy trophy fish.

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