Shore Lunch

I don't use any measuring cups so I can't tell you the exact proportions of beans,
I start with a can of Bush's beans the onion one I add Barbecue sauce, molasses,
brown sugar, hot sauce (tabasco, or any kind you like) sauté some onions and
green peppers in butter and stir it all together.
I buy a bag of pre grated cole slaw add a little white vinegar, white balsamic vinegar,
sugar, for a 14oz.bag of pre grated cole slaw 3 big table spoons of mayonnaise and
one big table spoon of sour crème, celery seed, pepper. Stir it all together real good
I always taste to see if anything should be added, if I over did anything I add more cole slaw.
Graciously furnished upon request (

The fish: fileted with no bones, washed with fresh water, brought along, large fish cut into pieces, laid on paper towels and blotted dry. Then put in egg and milk mix, done ahead of time and brought in cooler in a Tupperware container. Fish then breaded with Italian bread crumbs. The potatoes and onions which one of the customers has been turning with a spatula are almost done. The other cast iron pan for the fish is put on the grate which is set low over the flames, oil added (canola) the oil doesn't take long to heat. The pot of beans is put on. The oil is tested by dipping hand in ice water in cooler and flicking water in the oil (if not guiding beer is used)if the water makes a sharp ping when it hits the oil, it is ready for the fish. The fish don't take long to fry they are turned once with a tongs, total time in oil maybe 3-4 min. I go by sight, never timed it. Put on a plate with paper towels and placed on the massive log picnic table ready for some fine dining. Sometimes new recipes are found by accident, a couple weeks ago my guests from Georgia gave me a bag of Aunt Jemima buttermilk corn meal mix which I had in the front compartment of my boat(in zip lock bag). I was low on Italian bread crumbs so added the corn meal to stretch it out, it was really good. The last few fish frys I used about 1 part corn meal to to 4 parts bread crumbs, the corn meal adds a nice crisp texture.
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